Brutal truths

Brutal truths that can change your life

3 Brutal Truths you need to hear

It’s all too easy these days to take things for granted. Work ethic, commitment, and discipline have all become hazy ideals that more and more people are ignoring because everyone wants instant gratification. Everyone aspires to be a millionaire overnight, but few realize how much effort and dedication it takes to get there.

Today, I’ll share the three most brutal truths you need to hear in order to make your life more productive, proactive, and successful.

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Okay, enough marketing for tonight, let’s dive into the 3 brutal truths you need to hear to change the course of your life:

#3 You’re spending too much time on social media

According to a simple Google search, the average person spends roughly 140 minutes every day on social media!

To say the least, this is stunning. Some of us can’t live without social media since it has become such an integral part of our lives. We spend so much time scrolling through posts and reading stories that we forget about the rest of the world.

With social media continually luring you into its unending sinkhole of memes, movies, photographs, and articles, it’s impossible to stay focused on your goals. My recommendation is to set out daily time slots during which you are permitted to check your phone for a small period of time without allowing it to entirely consume your productivity!

#2 You’re worried too much about other people

I know there are many of us out there with huge hearts and a desire to help others in any way we can, and that’s perfectly OK!

However, there is a limit. You see, when you establish huge objectives for yourself, you have to devote the majority of your energy and attention to accomplishing them. Achieving success needs far more commitment and perseverance than most people believe. Without appropriate strategy, execution, and commitment, your chances of attaining your most important goals are small to none.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your thoughts should not be always preoccupied with what other people are doing and accomplishing. As humans, we have a natural tendency to judge our success by comparing our accomplishments to those of others. If you want to construct the finest life possible for yourself, this is not the path to choose.

Consider this: what good is it to measure your success in terms of the accomplishments of others? Is it true that this makes you feel good about your successes, or is it just a way to inflate your ego?

Keep your attention on what you want to accomplish in life, not on what other people are doing. You were put on this planet to develop your own road, traveling to your own, distinct goal, and the truth is that you shouldn’t be driving on anyone else’s. Your path should not be a carbon replica of another’s. Be unique, because it is something that is dying a slow, violent, and painful death in our world.

#1 Your goals aren’t big enough

Do you know what it is about our society that I absolutely despise? People will always try to bring you down by telling you that your objectives are unreachable or unreasonable.

Please understand that no objective is unattainable if you truly put your mind to it.

Let’s consider the case of Elon Musk. Elon was not the most popular or handsome student in school, nor was he the sharpest. As a young adult, he was often chastised for having unrealistic goals and objectives. Even when PayPal was bankrupt, the guy sacrificed his whole college savings to buy it back!

Elon Mush now has a net worth of $156 billion after a few years. Do you believe Elon had any doubts about himself as a kid? Do you believe Elon Musk listened to other people’s ideas about his ambitions when he was younger? I don’t believe so.

You are the only person who can help you reach your goals and dreams. It’s a difficult concept to swallow, but if you want anything done, do it yourself!

I’d like to end by saying that you should ALWAYS believe in your abilities.  ALWAYS strive to give that 1% more than you did the previous day, even if you felt like that was the most you could do.  Lastly, ALWAYS follow your heart and your passion because it’s ultimately your passion which determines your success in whatever it is you’re working towards. 

What’s next?

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