DepositPhotos Review

DepositPhotos Review

Depositphotos: The realm of endless content

If you’re like we here are the Billionaire Blog, chances are that you’re also looking for some stock content to add a bit of character to your website. 

Most of the pictures that you see when you visit websites, especially those that provide motivational content, are stock pictures, meaning that they are royalty-free, and can be freely used at no hidden or additional cost.  Today, I’ll be introducing you to one of the biggest sources of royalty-free content: Depositphotos.

What is Depositphotos?

Established in 2009, Depositphotos is one of the world’s largest providers of stock videos, royalty-free pictures, and clips of editorial nature. 

Currently, its database consists of more than 200 million files, with contributors breaching the 100 000-mark.  The site also provides royalty-free soundtracks for those of you that are involved in a YouTube-Career.  Overall, their library is extremely diverse, making it easy for their clients to find the best content for their respective ventures. 

What is their pricing plan like?

Depositphotos offers both yearly, or monthly plans.

Their monthly plan (paid monthly),  looks like this:

  • For 10 images/month – $9.99
  • For 75 images/month – $69
  • For 150 images/month – $99
  • For 750 images/month – $199

If you go with one of their monthly plans, the average cost per image is around $0.70, making it especially affordable for those of you just starting an online venture.

Their yearly plan (paid annually), looks like this:

  • For 10 images/month – $99
  • For 75 images/month – $699
  • For 150 images/month – $999
  • For 750 images/month – $1999

At first glance, the yearly option looks much more expensive than the monthly plan, but after crunching some numbers, I found that the average cost per image using the yearly plan is around $0.60.  Overall, you’re in for a discount of about 17% if you choose their yearly plan!

Do they offer any other features?

Of course!

Some of the additional features that Depositphotos offers include:

  • The crello editor, which is an easy-to-use online graphics editor that helps you to create amazing content in a matter of just a few minutes.
  • An API program, which is a piece of software that has been integrated into the Depositphotos interface to enable advanced searching capabilities.
  • A free online background remover for those looking to get creative with your images.
  • An informative blog full of great tips on topics like pursuing successful ad campaigns and photo editing.

 Why choose Depositphotos?

My personal experience with them has been fantastic.

I’m just always able to find content that perfectly suites the Billionaire Blog.  The savings you make, especially when opting for their yearly plan, are lifesaving if you’re running on a tight budget.  Their integrated tools and search engine capabilities make for a great user experience.  Their blog has truly given me, as an inexperienced content creator, the ability to improve my work tenfold.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to their website and pick a plan that suits you!

What’s next?

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