GetResponse Review

GetResponse Review

GetResponse Review

If you’re looking to level up your online marketing game, this article is definitely for you.  The world of marketing becomes more and more competitive by the day, with tech companies developing incredible pieces of software to assist the everyday business owner with their campaigns.  Recently, I have stumbled upon such a piece of software, called GetResponse.

What is GetResponse and what does it do?

You can think of it as your all-in-one solution to your marketing game.  GetResponse is a nifty piece of online software that you can use to create incredible newsletters, self-responsive emails, brochures, follow-up campaigns, and even emails in video format!

It is available in more than 25 official languages and currently has around 300 000 customers worldwide.  Their support team is made up of marketing gurus, each being an expert in his/her field.  GetResponse also offers ready-made email templates, landing page solutions, and an image-editor tool.

Why should you choose GetRespone?

The answer is simple: affordability, versatility, and efficiency.

The tools that GetResponse offers are so simple to use, yet so good at getting the job done.  They’ve specifically designed the tools for companies that have a hunger for high impact, high-quality and effective marketing campaigns.

Their pricing is damn near the most affordable in the game.  They offer plans ranging from $15-$99 per month, depending on which version you’re looking to make use of.  There are 4 versions available: basic, plus, pro and Max.

Even the basic version offers you features like unlimited landing pages, autoresponder emails, tools for building websites, and a fantastic email marketing system.  Basically, everything you need to boost your online marketing campaigns.  As you upgrade to more advanced versions, like plus, pro, and max, the features become that much more impressive.

Some of the features in the advanced versions include webinars, contact scoring, and even Unlimited sales funnels!

My personal experience: final thoughts

As an enthusiastic, hard-working hopeful, I have had no issues with using GetResponse.  I have been able to reach so many new clients via their online marketing tools and I can say with reassurance that they are the top dog in the online marketing game.

With a simple, well-integrated set of powerful online tools, GetResponse truly allows you as the business owner to go beyond your wildest expectations when it comes to your marketing capabilities!

Want to know more? Head on over to their website and find the plan that best suits you!

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