GetResponse vs Aweber

GetResponse vs Aweber

The ultimate marketing showdown: GetResponse vs AWeber

The global battlefield of online marketing has become more active by the day.  Tech companies around the world are all coming up with innovative software solutions to marketing dilemmas.  With these innovations, comes the development of clever methods and tools to help everyday business owner improve their online marketing capabilities. 

Today, I will be comparing 2 of the titans when it comes to online marketing solutions, namely GetResponse and AWeber.

Wait… what are they? 

Both GetResponse and AWeber are innovative, online marketing software, which primarily focuses on using email services as a method for advertising your business.

Both include unique features like custom brochure design, autoresponders, a compilation of selected recipient lists, and the ability to use custom-made email templates to promote your product/service. 

They offer an easy-made solution to the daily dilemmas of online marketing, by making it much easier for the typical business owner to reach more people in his/her advertising campaigns than they can with other old-school methods.

Who wins in terms of affordability?

As I mentioned in my ‘GetResponse’ review article, this piece of software offers 4 versions, including Basic, Plus, Pro, and Max, ranging from $15-$99 monthly, depending on which version you use.  All of the plans are suited for up to 1000 subscribers.  Even the cheapest basic version offers you all of the necessary features you’d need to level up your marketing game.

AWeber offers you 2 versions in the form of AWeber Free and AWeber Pro. 

The Free version only works if you have less than 500 subscribers, with limited features.  The other catch is that every newsletter you send using this version will contain AWeber adverts that might be slightly irritating to your customers. 

The pro version, however, is much more efficient, with pricing plans ranging from $15-$149 per month.  The Pro version gives you access to all of the main features that AWeber has on offer.  If you, however, have more than 25 000 subscribers, you will need to contact AWeber to negotiate an appropriate pricing plan.

In my opinion, GetResponse offers more bang for your buck and also offers you cooler features than AWeber.  For me, the choice is easy.  What’s yours?

Which offers the most useful features?

Both pieces of software include the following basic features:

  • Autoresponder emails
  • Landing pages
  • Email templates
  • Data capturing tools
  • Analytical tools

There are, however, some features of GetResponse, that are not offered by AWeber, which include webinars, funnels for conversion, and marketing automation capabilities.  So, not only is GetResponse the more cost-effective solution, but it also offers you the greatest diversity of features. 

What about overall quality?

There are literally countless features from both pieces that we could compare, but here on the Billionaire Blog, we like to keep things short and simple.

Let’s look at email templates.

AWeber offers you a truly almost endless variety of templates to choose from.  This means you are CERTAIN to find a template that suits your style and your goal.  However, if you’re looking for the best quality templates, I would recommend that you use those offered by GetResponse.  Overall, they are more attractive than the templates offered by AWeber.

If we look at the effectiveness of autoresponders, both are quite good.  However, due to GetResponse’s marketing automation feature, its autoresponder feature does trump that of AWeber by a considerable amount.

So, which one should I choose?

I’d say if you are the average business owner looking for the most bang for, you’re buck, you should choose GetResponse.  Let’s face it, we all want to save where we can.  GetResponse offers more affordable pricing plans and includes extra, more innovative features that AWeber simply does not have.

However, if you’re the type of person that’s not bothered by fancy, nitty-gritty features like webinars and marketing automation, AWeber should work just fine and is sure to get the job done, the way you want it done with its versatility.

The fact of the matter is, the choice is yours.  You can’t go wrong with any of them!

What’s Next?

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