Groupmail review

Groupmail Review

Groupmail: Solving your newsletter and email marketing problems

Have you heard of email marketing before? Did you know that it is one of the most often adopted techniques by firms all over the world?

Email marketing is precisely what it sounds like. Basically, you establish a list of subscribers to whom you would like to promote your business, then you compile a well-structured email newsletter with all of your business information and offers, and finally, you send this email to all of the people on your list. This is the most straightforward explanation of email marketing I can provide.

Email marketing has recently become so popular that software such as Mailchimp, Everest, and Litmus have been created specifically for it. Groupmail is one such piece of software that allows you to create innovative newsletters for your email marketing campaigns.

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Enough with the marketing jargon. Take a peek at what Groupmail has to offer:

What services do they offer?

Groupmail is a piece of software designed to help business owners improve their email marketing efforts.

Businesses can create incredibly amazing and imaginative newsletters using a drag-and-drop function, which are then emailed to those customers’ clients. In most cases, these newsletters contain promotional material about consumers’ businesses.

Groupmail also helps its customers by offering real-time, in-depth data to help them expand and better understand their consumer base’s patterns and preferences.

Are their services expensive?

First and foremost, I’d want to point out that Groupmail offers a 7-day free trial to interested customers, allowing them to evaluate for themselves how beneficial Groupmail’s analytics are before committing!

In addition, Groupmail offers three different plans:

  • Start-plan — $19 per user per month and includes real-time analytics, limitless lists, limitless brands, limitless contacts, 30 000 monthly events, and 10 000 monthly emails.  This is all you need to put together an impressive marketing campaign.
  • Grow-plan — $49 per user per month.  Includes all of the features of the starter plan, but with the number of monthly emails and events increased to 30 000 and 90 000 respectively.
  • Pro-plan — $99 per user per month.  Includes all the features of the start and grow plans, but with the number of monthly emails and events increased to 50 000 and 150 000 respectively.  This plan also includes Groupmail’s priority support feature, which greatly assists customers in terms of analytics, tendencies, and assistance with technical issues.
GroupMail 6 Pricing

Are there any features on their website that can assist me with my email marketing strategy?

Do you feel that your current marketing strategy isn’t working for you? There’s no need to be concerned; Groupmail’s website offers a separate resources section dedicated to this purpose.

This section of the website provides a variety of content, ranging from how-to instructions on how to improve your marketing approach to suggestions on how to manage your mailing platform more efficiently to maximize the amount of people you can reach.

Furthermore, Groupmail features a dedicated chat section where you can report any technical issues or difficulties. Their professionals are on standby to assist you and walk you through the purchasing procedure step by step.

 Overall impression

I could never find the perfect piece of software to make my job a little easier as an active user of email marketing, until I discovered Groupmail.

I’m now utilizing their pro-plan, and I can confidently claim that my marketing approach has substantially increased in terms of pricing, efficiency, efficacy, and variety. My newsletters have never looked better, and my clients are continually complimenting me on the new and improved forms.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a computer whiz to use their platform. Their drag-and-drop tool allows you to experiment with a variety of templates until you find the one that best suits your needs. Groupmail also doesn’t impose a restriction on the size of your mailing list, unlike many other email marketing services, allowing you to significantly extend your potential consumer base as a business owner.

Simple, effective, and efficient. Three terms that perfectly describe Groupmail!

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