How to build more muscle

The fundamentals of building your body

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Today’s topic is for those of you who enjoy working out.

Hard work, dedication, time, and sacrifice are required to achieve the body of your dreams. However, many people overlook a few principles, and as a result, they fail to achieve the results they want in the first place.

Let me introduce you to the four fundamentals of building your dream body:

#4 Slow down your reps

When training a muscle, many people focus on the concentric (positive) contraction while overlooking the eccentric (negative) contraction.

Eccentric contractions are not only the most powerful, but they also induce the greatest muscle fiber damage, which is exactly what you want if you want to enhance muscular growth.

Slow down your reps, in my opinion. Try focusing on the negative as well as the concentric contraction. When practicing barbell curls, for example, slowly drop the bar after completing the positive portion of the rep.

The outcomes will soon speak for themselves.

#3 More isn’t always better

Many people believe that the more they workout (in terms of volume or frequency), the better their results will be.

Overtraining syndrome can occur if you train too frequently and with too much volume. As a personal trainer, I’ve struggled with this in the past because I was too obstinate to recognize that not giving my body adequate time to heal was counterproductive.

Muscle growth occurs when we are at rest, not when we are exercising. My recommendation is to stick to a 4-5-day-per-week training schedule. Believe me when I say that those two days of relaxation will make a huge difference in your growth!

#2 Water is key

Those who tell you, “Bro, you need to drink more water,” are entirely correct.

Remember that water makes up a considerable portion of the human body, including the skeletal muscles. Water is necessary not just for hydration, but also for transporting vital nutrients throughout the body in order to repair damaged muscle fibers.

To guarantee proper hydration and energy levels throughout the day, drink at least 3 litres of water every day.

#1 Focus while you’re training

When I come into the gym these days, I see at least a handful of folks engrossed on their phones in between sets.

One of the most important things I teach my clients, both men and women, is to stay focused during their busy training. There is no way to create that important mind-muscle connection in the field of body shaping without sufficient mental concentration.

It’s go-time the instant you walk into the gym!

Connect your phone to your headset, stow it in your bag, and concentrate on the task at hand. It’s that simple!


So many people don’t achieve their fitness goals because of a few simple mistakes that could’ve been fixed easily in the first place.

By following the four fundamentals I’ve mentioned above, you can expect to see some pretty impressive changes in your physique if you stay dedicated and disciplined enough.

Ultimately, it’s a lifestyle.  You don’t need to be deciding on whether to go to the gym or not, it should be an automated response!

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