How to change your life

How to change your life

Living like a boss

No matter how tough we believe we are, life is one of the most difficult games to master.

We frequently find ourselves going through the motions every day, paying insufficient attention to our enjoyment, lifestyle, and productivity. We end up going through the motions of life without any desire to achieve greatness.

Today, I’m going to provide five essential techniques for taking your life to the next level of bossdom, complete with productivity, organization, and happiness!

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Let’s take a look at five essential tips that are sure to help you boss up your life:

#5 Dream bigger than the rest

I believe that the mind is one of the most powerful instruments known to man, and I will always believe that.

The ability to dream large is the first of many stepping stones on the path to success. Of course, people will say things like “That’s too ambitious” or “You’re not committed enough to do anything like that.” These individuals should give you even more motivation to dream big.

Consider this: if you can’t even visualize success in your head, how can you expect to achieve it in reality?

#4 Focus on what matters

Thinking and living in the world of a boss necessitates superhuman concentration. I see a lot of individuals these days trying to sabotage their objectives and ambitions by doing things like partying, texting, and slouching in front of the TV. If you want to achieve success and productivity, you need to start focusing your attention and energy on that goal. Without focus, your dream will remain just that: a fantasy.

#3 Naysayers are to be ignored at all costs

Haters, you have to despise them, but you also have to love them, and here’s why:

People have become accustomed to evaluating the quality of their lives by comparing their accomplishments or failures to those of others in contemporary culture. Many people fail and then blame their failure on those who put in more effort than they do and eventually achieve in life.

Haters should be your most powerful source of motivation. People will always try to talk you out of achieving your goals because they don’t want to accept that their anxieties are getting the best of them.

The greatest thing you can do with haters’ harsh comments is to ignore them, but put them in the back of your mind as you work to improve your life. When you feel like giving up, dive deep inside your head and excavate all of those negative comments so you can re-ignite your motivational spark!

#2 Add structure to each day  

I can’t count the amount of people who have told me that they lack direction in their lives and that they wake up each morning unsure of what to do with their time.

Your life can feel like an unending loop if you don’t have sufficient organization and planning in place. You wake up, go through the motions, and then retire to bed without doing anything meaningful in your life. This is a predicament you should avoid at all costs if you want to elevate your life to boss-level status.

Plan each day and make sure you have a decent to-do list for each day.  Not only will this add a sense of organization to your life but will also give you a better sense of which road you need to be aiming for!

#1 Believe in your abilities

One of the most powerful adversaries of success is self-doubt. All successful people in our culture have two things in common: confidence and self-belief. You’ll never venture outside of your comfort zone if you don’t believe in yourself, and your prospects of bossing up your life are nil! Something is only unthinkable if you believe it to be so.


I am a firm believer that each one of us is instilled with the ability to become great, we just need to be willing to work hard enough to discover that ability and to make the most of it.

Upgrading your life to boss-level is inevitable if you follow the five above tips diligently.  At the end of the day, your success is determined by two things:

  • Your desire for becoming someone who people will always remember
  • Your belief in your ability to achieve success

Living like a boss is something many people desire, but few people achieve.  Not everybody has the willpower, discipline, motivation, and confidence to make the most of their lives.  It’s your responsibility to make sure that you are not one of those people!


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