How to discover yourself easily

Self-discovery workshop for beginners

How does one discover your true self?

Is it even possible to discover your true self?

Many people ask me these questions on a regular basis, and I usually remind them that self-discovery begins with asking oneself four key questions, which I will discuss momentarily.

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Let’s take a look at 4 essential questions to ask yourself if you want to discover the true you:

#4 Do you repeat mistakes and which do you repeat?

We’ve all done things we regret in the past, and we still do some things we’re not proud of today, no matter how hard we try to live by the book.

You must examine your mistakes and the regularity with which you make them if you are to properly comprehend the type of person you are. If you find yourself making the same mistakes over and over, you must make it a top priority to correct them, as this can become a habit that holds you back in life, especially when it comes to reaching success.

No one is perfect, we all make mistakes from time to time.  What truly counts is how you choose to handle and address the mistakes you’ve made, and the one’s still making.

#3 What do others think about you?

I’ve stressed in several of my earlier blogs that we shouldn’t be concerned about what others think of us because our success is dependent on ourselves, not on them.

If you’re currently on a journey of self-discovery, though, you might want to know how others see you so you can figure out what difficulties and habits you need to change. It can also assist you in better understanding these habits and why you engage in them.

My recommendation is to have an open discussion with a close friend or family member about how they perceive you as a person based on your habits and personality. Make a list of all the bad comments you get and make it your job to respond to them. This could educate you more about yourself than you ever imagined.

#2 What do you frequently talk about?

Let’s face it: the words that come out of your lips indicate a lot about the kind of person you are.

Consider the following scenario:

If you’re someone who is often talking about going to the gym and how health-conscious you are, you’re probably quite passionate about fitness. Similarly, if you talk a lot about animals, it’s likely that you enjoy being in nature. When it comes to showing someone’s flaws, passions, and personalities, words have a lot of power.

Make an effort to listen to everything that comes out of your mouth when you’re engaging in a conversion, you might soon realize that words can paint a powerful picture of who you truly are.

#1 What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses

We all realize at some point in our lives that we are absolutely useless at some things while excelling in others. It can be tough to determine your strengths and weaknesses, so I recommend that you perform the following:

Choose five of your closest friends or family members, sit down with each of them, and ask them to describe your three greatest strengths and three greatest weaknesses. Make a note of all the flaws and strengths, and circle the ones that are common. To put it another way, circle the ones that were cited by all five members.

This should give you a fair indication of where you’re currently thriving and where you could use some work.

This is a basic but efficient strategy for removing prejudice and giving you a clear picture of yourself.


Self-discovery is not a simple undertaking for anyone in today’s culture, which is rife with prejudice, bigotry, and preconceived notions about specific groups of people.

You offer yourself the best chance to make self-discovery as convenient and holistic as possible by asking yourself the four questions I listed above.

Nobody can go through life without knowing who they are and what they want out of it. As a result, I believe that everyone should go through the process of self-discovery at some point in their lives. The more we know about ourselves, our weaknesses, and our talents, the higher chance we have of choosing the proper path in life, one that leads to ultimate success!


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