How to Fix Packet Loss

How to Fix Packet Loss

You’ll discover how to fix packet loss issues in this really short and simple tutorial! If you enjoyed this post, you might also enjoy our blog post on “How to Speed Up Your Internet.” So make sure to have a look!

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Without further ado, let’s fix your packet loss issues!

What is Packet Loss?

When one or more packets of data traveling over a computer network fail to reach their destination, packet loss occurs. Packet loss is caused by either data transmission mistakes, which are common in wireless networks, or network congestion. Packet loss is expressed as a percentage of packets lost compared to the total number of packets transmitted.

How to Fix Packet Loss

Step 1

Type “CMD” into the search bar on the bottom left side of your screen and  launch the command prompt.

Step 2

Enter the command “ipconfig/release” into your command prompt. Your internet will disconnect from your computer, but don’t worry, it will reconnect after Step 3.

Step 3

Now type “Ipconfig/renew” into your command prompt, and after a short period of loading, you should see that your internet connection has been restored and your packet loss issues have been resolved!

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