How To Organize your Browser

How to Organize Browser Tabs

Do you open 10-20 browser tabs at the same time? If you are; don’t worry; I believe that is something that most of us do! I’ll show you how to organize your browser tab in this post so you can work more efficiently!

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Let’s get right to it, without further ado!

Step 1

Once you have all of your browser tabs open and wish to organize them, right-click on any one of them. I’ll use YouTube as an example for this post.

After right-clicking the tab, select Add to group and create a group; for this post, I selected the name “social” to represent all of my Social Media Tabs.

Step 2

Now repeat the process for all of the other tabs associated with that group.

You can now minimize the entire group without closing any tab!


I hope this short and sweet post helped some of you!  Have an amazing day!

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