How to summarize a Website

How to summarize a website

How to summarize a website, article or blog post

Have you ever wanted to summarize something that you read on a blog or a website? Well, today I’ll show you how to accomplish this in less than 5 minutes. Without further ado let’s jump straight into this tutorial!

Step 1

Find the Article, Blog post, or Website you want to summarize. This can be anything; for this example, I’m going to use one of our blog’s motivational posts. (You can see that work of art right here!)

Step 2

Copy the URL of the Article, Blog post, or website that you want to summarize.

Step 3

Go to and paste the copied URL into the provided box.

After that, you can determine how many sentences the summary should contain. I’d like the article to be summarized in ten sentences for this example.

After you’ve completed all of the preceding stages, all you have to do now is click on summarize.

After around a minute of loading, you’ll see your summary in the number of sentences you specified!


This is an amazing way to summarize any piece of content from the internet for free, without having to spend hours on doing it yourself. Be aware that the summary may not always be perfect, therefore you should always double-check it before handing it in if you’re using it for schoolwork.

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