How to trick an idiot

How to trick an idiot

Outsmarting dummies, for dummies

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In life, we all come across those people who don’t seem to have a single functioning brain cell.  Yes, I’m talking about that guy or girl who just randomly comes up to you to start an argument over something completely irrelevant!

Whether it be in a grocery store, a party, or at work, you need to know how to outsmart these people to not only win the argument but to spare yourself the humiliation of participating in a completely pointless argument!

Here are four effective strategies you can use to outsmart these dummies:

#4 Stay calm during an argument  

The goal that most people have during an argument is to get you to say something you can’t take back or that you’ll regret for the rest of your life.  This is something you want to avoid at all costs, no matter how much built-up anger you have inside you.

The best thing you can do during an argument with an idiot is to remain as calm as possible with your responses.  Not only will this make you seem more mature, but it will also send a clear message to the other party that you’re not going to let them get under your skin!

#3 Stick with your side of the argument

Most people allow other people to influence their point of reference during an argument, which ultimately drags the argument out longer than it should be.

By not allowing the other person to influence your standpoint, you send a clear message to them that you are not weak-minded and cannot be swayed by their sly tactics.  If you know you’re right and they’re wrong, stick with your argument and do not budge until they’ve gotten the message that you can’t be messed with.

#2 Maintain strong eye contact

Nothing sends a stronger and more confident message than maintaining strong eye contact during a confrontation.

If you want to get the better of an idiot, you cannot afford to show weakness and nothing screams weakness louder than someone who can’t maintain eye contact.

Eye contact serves two important purposes:  It creates a dominative persona and it strikes absolute terror into the soul of the other party, exactly the things you need to emerge victoriously.

#1 Use your knowledge to your advantage

Let’s face it, most people just argue for the sake of arguing.  Some people just seem to get their daily dose of adrenaline and dopamine from starting pointless arguments, winning them, and then feeling good about themselves.

It does not matter how hard some idiots may try to win an argument; no idiot can overpower knowledge.  If you find yourself in a pointless argument, use your knowledge and persuasion to your advantage.  Look at it this way: a confused opponent is a weak opponent.

Knowledge truly is power, especially when it’s used against people who don’t possess any of their own!


Unfortunately, in this society, it’s necessary to know how to deal with people who are… a little otherwise.

The 4 tips I’ve mentioned above will not only make you seem more mature during a confrontation; it will also send a clear message to the other party that you’re not going to be swayed in any way.

The most important thing to realize is that some people just pick fights to give their egos a well-needed boost.  You need to be better than getting involved in a drawn-out argument and you need to firmly show that you’re not someone to mess with!

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