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Writing an email may appear to be a straightforward operation that everyone should be able to perform, but the truth is that many people make a few fundamental errors and end up sending an uninspired and clumsy email that will not get the job done.

Today, I’ll give you 5 simple ideas to ensure that you create the perfect email, one that not only has a flawless format but also attracts the attention of the reader and keeps them reading to the conclusion.

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Okay, that’s enough marketing.  Let’s take a look at 5 east things you can do to make sure that you write the perfect email:

#5 Know the goal of the email

“What is the reader going to get out of this email?” you should be asking yourself.

Consider the following scenario: you’re writing an email to a possible investor in your company. He or she must understand exactly what is expected of them, and you must provide this information in great detail while composing the email.

Receiving a vague email that leaves out all of the critical information you need to make a decision is the epitome of unprofessionalism and annoyance.

An email should be so much more than just a means of quickly spreading your message, it should convey your level of enthusiasm and professionalism and can serve as an extremely powerful tool to get your message across and convince people of it.

#4 Include testimonials from happy customers

When attempting to persuade new clients of your services via email, keep in mind that you must first establish trust with this possible customer.

One or two testimonials from delighted clients with whom you’ve done business is a fantastic and effective technique to accomplish this. This will not only provide the potential customer a sense of trust and security, but it will also encourage them to use your services on a regular basis.

#3 Plan, plan, and plan

Keep in mind that sloppy and ambiguous emails are your adversary. You can’t afford to slap together an email in a hurry and expect the recipient to be wowed by vague and simplistic material.

It’s crucial to remember that each email you write should express the message you intend to send, with no ambiguity or uncertainty.

My recommendation to you is to plan your material a few days or hours ahead of time. This will ensure that your material is constantly relevant to the message you wish to convey.

#2 Know your subscribers

These days, people love it when they feel appreciated and recognized.

Many businesses, individuals, and entrepreneurs make the error of failing to establish a personal relationship with their subscribers. Many of them consider their customers to be nothing more than monthly statistics that they seek to enhance.

The reality is that if you can successfully make your emails more personal (without crossing the line, of course!), you may increase your subscribers’ trust and respect.

Adding your subscribers’ first names to your emails is a subtle approach to make your emails somewhat more personal. This will make them feel like a valued customer rather than a statistic!

#1 Pay attention to the subject line

People always appear to judge an email’s substance based on its subject line.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can use the subject line to pique the readers’ interest. When composing the subject line, be more imaginative and utilize language that piques the reader’s interest in learning more about the email.

Assume you’re composing an email to a possible investor for your company. A subject line like “New possibilities on the horizon” will pique their attention in what you have to say in the email much more quickly than “New investment opportunity.”


Emails are a low-cost, high-impact way to promote your brand or, if you’re an entrepreneur, your business.

The most important thing to remember is that emails should be used for much more than just sending messages. It should pique people’s interest and entice them to return for more.

Make the most of your imagination and pay close attention to every detail of each email you send, since each one contains the possibility for new chances.


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