Life lessons from high school

This is what my teens taught me

Let’s be honest, our teenage years are some of the most interesting, but also some of the most confusing and stressful ones.  Today, I’ll be sharing 4 important lessons I’ve learned about life in my teens and I hope that you guys can also relate.

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Let’s take a look at the lessons I learned in my teens and that still make me a stronger person until this day:

Lesson #4: Keep your circle small

I clearly remember how everyone used to envy that guy or girl who simply knew everyone in high school.  These people always seemed so happy with their lives, almost as if they had no problems whatsoever.

The drawback, though, is that only a few people are truly interested in those people’s friendships.  The rest are simply there to experience their share of the spotlight for a while until they bail.  This has taught me that keeping my social circle small is the key to unlocking and fostering close friendships.

Lesson #3: Don’t follow the herd

It was almost second nature to follow the leader in my teens, otherwise, I felt completely out of place and embarrassed.  I tended to idolize someone and try to live as they do.

When I look back at those times, I realize how naïve I was for thinking that I always needed to blend in with the rest of the world and I regret that I didn’t pick my path sooner.

You don’t always need to follow the herd, in fact, the most successful people normally take the road less traveled!

Lesson #2: Being popular means nothing

I get it, we all wanted to feel accepted and wanted by others in our teens, as it gave our fragile egos a well-needed boost.

The thing is, if everybody likes you, you are 99% of the time not truly expressing who you truly are around others.  In reality, we all have haters, no matter how nice we try to be or how considerate we may feel we are.

Congratulations if you have haters, it means you’re doing something right!

Lesson #1: Don’t let your parents force you into a career path you don’t want to be in

I see so many of today’s teens taking subjects at school because that is what their parents want for them and of course being young, they don’t want to disappoint their parents.

The fact of the matter is that you should be pursuing a career that you love and truly have passion for, not a career that your parents have passion for.  If you are currently in your teens, or even in your 20’s, make it clear to your parents about where you want to go in life and help them to clearly understand your passion!


Teenage years can be difficult, confusing, and downright harsh, but by considering these 4 important lessons I’ve learned, you can prevent yourself from making the same mistakes I did.

Your teens should be a time of discovery, curiosity, adventure, and joy.  Be yourself around your peers and do not compromise your passions and values because you’re afraid of what others might think of you.


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