Make Money By Reviewing Music

In this post, I’m going to share a few websites where you can make additional cash by reviewing music online.

If you are a music lover and spend a lot of time listening to music in your free time then this is the post for you!

I will show you 2 websites where you can review music and get paid! The third website that I’m going to show you is a bonus website where you get money for doing absolutely nothing!

Website 1: SliceThePie


The first website you want to check out is SliceThePie.

SliceThePie Will pay you for your opinion on music.  You can sign up to SliceThePie for free.

You will get paid for every review that you leave on this website.

So what will you get paid for?

You will listen to random music from random artists that are looking for your opinion to improve their music.

The better your reviews are the more money you’ll receive per review. 

With this website, you can make up to $20 a day by listening and reviewing music for about 2 hours!

Website 2: MusicXray

The next website is MusicXray

MusicXray is similar to SliceThePie you sign up for free and they will pay you to listen to and review music you like.

The main difference between MusicXray and SliceThePie is the amount of money you get paid.  While SliceThePie has higher payments for beginners MusicXray rewards their loyal employees with a bonus.  So for every 100th review, you will get more money per review.

Bonus Website: PlaylistPush


This website is quite different from MusicXray and SliceThePie because you’ll monetize your own Spotify playlist.  With PlaylistPush you can earn up to $12 per song that’s on your playlist which quite frankly is a great way to make money by literally doing nothing.

What’s Next?

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