Make Money with Copy & Paste

Make Money with Copy & Paste in less than 20 minutes!

Hello there, everyone! Today, I’ll show you how to generate money by just copying and pasting. This website, which I’m about to show you, pays ad revenue to each content producer who contributes to it. Before you may sell your videos on YouTube, you must have 4000 view hours and 1000 subscribers. This platform allows you to monetize your videos right away.

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Step 1

Head over to Rumble and sign up, Make sure you choose Publisher and Make sure you select Rumble Ads and Video Player.

After this make sure you verify your phone number to start making money.

Step 2

Head over to Youtube and search for a topic that you are passionate about.

Click on Filters and select Creative Commons (This means you can repost content)

Now select any video you want and right-click on the video to copy the video URL.

Step 3

In a new Tab head over to a Youtube Video Downloader and paste the video URL that you have selected.

After pasting your video URL click on the convert button and select the highest possible resolution.

Now Download the video to your Desktop.

Step 4

Go back to Rumble and click the button in the image below.

By clicking that button you’ll be redirected to the upload page.

Upload your video and copy and paste the Title and the Description from the Youtube video you selected.

To get tags, head back to the selected video on Youtube and press CTRL+U. This will open up a new tab in your browser that looks like this:

Now press CTRL+F and search “Keyword”.

Copy all the keywords after “meta name=”keywords” content=”

Now go back to your Rumble upload and paste the Tags.

And that’s it, you are all set. To get the most Revenue make sure you upload once or twice per day and within weeks you’ll have $500+ of revenue!

What’s next?

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