Most likely consequences of setting unrealistic goals

Most likely consequences of setting unrealistic goals

Not keeping your goals realistic? Here are the consequences

Goals and goal-setting are essential components of achieving true success in the short and long run.

Although you should never dismiss your ambitions, many people make the mistake of setting unreasonable goals, only to be disappointed if they are not met. I’m not suggesting that you should completely abandon your goals, but you should make sure that they are as realistic as possible.

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Take a look at the following six repercussions of setting unrealistic goals, as well as what you should rather do instead:

#6 Disappointment

I don’t believe that there’s a worse feeling than sheer disappointment.

Many people, particularly those in their teens and early twenties, make the mistake of setting objectives that are simply too lofty to accomplish in the short term. They fail to achieve their objectives, and as a result, they experience dissatisfaction and even depression.

Youth should want to be great; there are no questions about that; but, they must set realistic, feasible, and reachable goals to avoid failing themselves utterly. Always dream large, but not so big that you end up putting yourself down.

#5 Frustration

If you’re sincerely hungry for success, you’re probably a tough-minded individual who won’t give up no matter what. Setting unreasonable goals, on the other hand, might lead to self-doubt and frustration. You may feel as if you’re putting your all into something only to become frustrated because you’re not getting there fast enough. Frustration can lead to a slew of additional negative consequences, so make sure your goals are as realistic as possible. No one wants to put in months or even years of effort to achieve a goal just to be disappointed.

#4 Self-doubt

I am certain that each person was sent on this world for a specific reason. Each of us has a certain place in the sun that has been assigned to us from the beginning.

Unrealistic objectives can cause us to mistrust our own talents. If you set a goal for yourself to make $50,000 from your small business by the end of the year and only make half of that, you’ll start to doubt your ability as a business owner and entrepreneur.

Ensure that your goals are constructed in such a way that they accommodate your abilities to maintain your faith in your abilities.

#3 Damage to your reputation

Even if you don’t believe it, others are always observing you.

Those tend to keep a close check on people who are attempting to achieve success, and, unfortunately, most of the time, they want to see them fail. This is because most individuals are frustrated with themselves and their attempts to improve, and they then blame others for their failure.

When you fail, folks who are watching you rush up to you and tell you, “I told you so.” This is a circumstance you want to avoid at all costs.

#2 Confusion about your path in life

When we don’t achieve anything we set out to achieve, our minds go into overdrive, trying to come up with alternate explanations and excuses for why we didn’t meet our goals.

This can lead us down a rabbit hole of confusion, as we begin to doubt the reasons behind the goals we established for ourselves in the first place. Finally, we find ourselves mired in a quagmire of uncertainty, unsure of what the next stages on our journey should be.

#1 Wasting your time

Let’s face it: many of us devote a significant amount of time and effort to preparing and achieving our goals and ambitions.

If your ambitions are too lofty, you’ll waste many hours of your life working toward something you’ll almost certainly never be able to attain, which you’ll only learn when it’s too late.

We have one of the most valuable commodities at our disposal: time. Make sure each of your goals has a well-defined time range and that you don’t spend more time on them than you’re comfortable with.

Five things you should rather do:

  • Follow the S.M.A.R.T. principle when setting goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.
  •  Speak to someone you trust and ask them whether your goals seem unrealistic or not.  This will prevent you from becoming too biased.
  • Plan each goal diligently and sum up the pros and cons of each one
  • Read self-help books on goal setting.  These normally contain valuable information that can help to ensure that your goals are centered around your capabilities.
  • Revise your goals every week.  This will help you to keep track of your progress and to make the necessary adjustments where needed.


Goals aren’t just a great way to stay motivated. They provide a sense of order and organization that aids in keeping us on our intended routes. Maintaining as realistic and reachable goals as possible can help you gain confidence and belief in your talents. Please remember that while you should always strive to achieve great things, you should also be aware of your physical and mental limitations.


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