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With an estimated 10 million users worldwide, Namecheap is a well-known registrar of domain names and web hosting.  With its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, it has become a pretty common stomping ground for hopefuls trying to get their sites off the ground.


ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), is responsible for the effective maintenance of namespaces and numerical spaces on the internet.  Think of it as the Regulator of namespaces and numerical spaces on the web, that ensures the secure operation of namespace and numerical space databases.

Ultimately, Namespace’s accreditation with ICANN gives them a solid reputation amongst users.

Why should you choose Namecheap?

The name is self-explanatory.  Namecheap provides affordable domains to its customers.  It not only provides an immense amount of available domain names but also provides affordable and reliable web hosting for a wide variety of website types.

Apart from its affordability, Namecheap’s official site provides users with a domain-name generator, saving users time in trying to find the ideal one.  When registering a domain through them, Namecheap provides full DNS access and ensures tight-knit domain security.  There is also on-the-go support for users who might encounter technical issues.

A cool little feature that I picked up on their official website is their blog.  They give you some awesome business tips, update you on their pricing plans and give you ideas on how to make your domain name as unique and catchy as possible.

Overall, I was impressed and you should seriously consider them in your next web-based project.

Final Thoughts

Now, I know some of us out there tend to tread lightly when it comes to starting our web pages, especially when it comes to the complexity and costs of doing so. 

With Namecheap, though, you won’t worry about the world.  I know from first-hand accounts of people nearest to me that there are very few complaints regarding the registrar and that their support staff is extremely helpful in assisting with any technical difficulties.

Domains from as little as $0.99 are available! This is almost unheard-of affordability.  Namecheap also ensures that the low-low price is valid throughout your first year of registration.  It offers you free privacy protection, thus minimizing any additional costs outside of the domain cost.

What are you waiting for? Click the Image below and get your first domain for $0.99 a year!

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