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SEO Buddy: Ideal for optimizing your search engine strategy

If you operate a website, there’s a good possibility you’ve had issues with prioritizing on big search engines like Google. This can be aggravating, but it can also be damaging to your website’s success and popularity.

Today, I’ll share some useful information on SEO Buddy, which will help you to not only optimize your search engine strategy, but also examine all of the crucial aspects of the Google Search Engine Result Page!

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Let’s take a look at what SEO Buddy is all about:

What exactly is the purpose of SEO Buddy?

SEO Buddy can be thought of as an all-in-one toolset for enhancing every part of your search engine strategy, from increasing search traffic to monitoring your competitors’ strategies to ensure that you rise to the top of the food chain.

They specialize specifically to businesses, allowing each member of the team to quickly enhance their SEO skills by creating daily SEO duties in the form of a calendar. This makes SEO strategies simple, efficient, and effective.


Pricing Scheme

As we speak, SEO Buddy currently has 3 plans on offer:

  • Free Trial – This allows you to experiment with and experience SEO Buddy for 7 days with unlimited team size and SEO strategy for up to 3 keywords
  • Startup — $47 per month, perfect for a business looking to nail their SEO strategy for the get-go.  Includes SEO strategy for up to 25 keywords and up to 30 hours of usage allowed per month.
  • SME — $98 per month.  This is a more sophisticated plan for companies who want to outsmart their competition and includes well-structured SEO strategies for up to 50 keywords, with unlimited team members allowed. 

If you find that none of these plans suit your brand’s needs, you are more than welcome to contact SEO Buddy and they’ll hook you up with a custom plan at a price determined by the features you require.


What are the key features of SEO Buddy?

All SEO Buddy plans I’ve mentioned above, include the following key features:

  • Competitor performance monitor which allows you to take an inside look at your competitor’s strategy, allowing you to readjust and improve yours
  • Keyword performance tracking for you to ensure that you optimize your keyword use to appear higher up on major search engines
  • Team Management feature which will make it so much easier for your team members to stay up to date with their SEO management and optimization skills
  • Backlink analysis for you to ensure that linking to other websites that you’re an affiliate of, or simply make use of in a separate venture, is optimized and effective.
  • SEO Checklist to ensure you’ve done everything you could to benefit your website’s SEO strategy

All of these features were created with your needs and the needs of your brand in mind. You’ll fall behind your competitors’ SEO techniques if you don’t have them, and we all know that’s bad for business!

What if I don’t really know anything about SEO?

There’s no reason to be concerned!

On their website, SEO Buddy has a dedicated blog with content on themes ranging from plagiarism in SEO to expanding neglected sites and increasing organic traffic.

Why choose SEO Buddy?

We’ve been using SEO Buddy here at the Billionaire Blog, and we can fairly report that it’s boosted our SEO statistics substantially!

The features of SEO Buddy are quite simple to comprehend and apply in the workplace. Not only are they efficient, but I have yet to come across a more cost-effective SEO Optimizer on the internet.

What are you waiting for? Begin your trip with SEO Buddy right now by clicking this link to ensure that you are actually on top of your SEO game!

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