How to Download a GIF on Giphy

Hey guys, I hope you all are doing well in these tough times!  Have you ever found the perfect GIF on Giphy for your blog or any social media, but you just can’t download it because there is no such option?

Well, you are in luck because today I’ll show you a step-by-step guide on how to download GIFs from Giphy absolutely for free!

Tell me How

Step 1: Giphy

Head over to Giphy to find the GIF you want to Download!


Now search for the GIF you want to download.


Step 2: Find the perfect GIF

Click on the GIF you want to download.


Now click on Copy Link.

Copy Link

After copying the link carry on to Step 3.

Copy Link

Step 3: Download your GIF

Open a new tab and post the copied link but don’t press enter!


Change the “media” to “i”.


Step 4: Enjoy!

Right Click and select “save as” to save to your PC.


This was probably the shortest tutorial we have ever done on our blog, but I still hope it helps you!  Thank you for reading our blog post.  If you are interested in cryptocurrency I suggest checking out our post on “Top 20 Cryptocurrencies” or “What is Ethereum”.  Thank you for reading our blog post, I hope you have an amazing day!

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