How To Go Viral On YouTube

How to Get More Views and Subscribers on YouTube!

Hi guys, have you tried everything to get your YouTube Channel Monetized?  Have you been spending hours creating the perfect YouTube Video just to get 10 or fewer views?

Don’t worry I think all of us have been there!  But after today you will never have to struggle with that again!

IF you are like me you have googled everything on “How to go viral on YouTube” or “how to Get Monetized on YouTube” and most of the time you are led to believe that it’s pure luck or you have to be a master in SEO.

Well, today that burden is carried to someone else, Let me introduce you to a Website called Sprizzy.

How to go viral on youtube

Sprizzy is a website that makes your video go Viral, and yes I know by now you are thinking it’s one of those bots that just send fake views to your video, but you couldn’t be more wrong!

Sprizzy works like Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, and Instagram Advertising.  Instead of sending people directly to your video like other sites are doing, Sprizzy shows your video as a suggestion to anyone interested in your Niche (your category).  This means only people that are interested in your type of content get to see your video and clicks on the video.  Not only is this great for views, but it’s also great for getting subscribers because you are only getting traffic from people interested in your videos!  Isn’t that just amazing?

If you are tired of not getting views and want to go viral, stop wasting your time on SEO and creating the perfect thumbnail.  Just let Sprizzy do all the work for you and within weeks you will be monetized!

Sprizzy is trusted by over 10 000 Youtube Creators and has an overall rating of 4.9/5!  Two big companies that use Sprizzy for all their Content on Youtube are Honda and Discovery Institute.

If you want to try out Sprizzy with a 20% boost on your first video click here!


I hope this post helps some of you YouTubers out there achieve the financial freedom you so truly deserve!  If you see this post and know someone can benefit from it make sure to share it with them!  And lastly, if you don’t have a YouTube channel but want to start one, make sure you check out this post on “How to Become a YouTuber

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How To Make Money With YouTube

Hey guys in today’s post I’m going to show you how you can make tons of money on YouTube without creating your Videos, or selling stuff!

One thing you need to know before we get started is that you will have to work at least 1 hour per day on this strategy otherwise it won’t work.

We are going to post other people’s content as our own for this tutorial.  As always you can use any niche you like, But for purpose of demonstration, I am going to use “Luxury”.

So Let’s get straight into it.

Step 1

We can’t make any money on YouTube if we don’t have a YouTube Channel.  So let’s create our channel!

Go to YouTube and click on your account image on the right-hand side of your screen.

Now click on settings.

Many of you didn’t know this but you can have up to 50 YouTube Channels on 1 Youtube Account.

So click on Add/Manage Channels.

Click on Create Channel.

Next up Choose a Name for your new channel that fits with your Niche.

Step 2

For this step, we are going to make our Channel look more Professional.

Head over to Canva and type “Youtube channel Art”

Select the one that fits best with your channel and add the Name of your channel.

Download the Channel Art to your computer and remember where you saved it.

For the Profile Picture, you can just get any picture that fits your Niche on google and save it to your PC.

Now go Over to Channel Branding and Upload your brand new Channel Art and Profile Picture to your channel.

Step 3: The Content

Okay so now we have a channel but you might ask, where do we get the content.  Don’t worry all will be explained in this step.

Head over to Pexels.  Pexels is a website where you can download as many videos and pictures as you like and use them for whatever purpose you like.

In the search bar type your Niche, as mine is Luxury I just typed Luxury and clicked on Videos.

Now download at least 5-10 videos and save that files to your computer.

Great so now we have Videos, but we still don’t have sound.  Once again don’t stress I’ve got you!

Head over to your brand new YouTube Channel and click on Creator Studio.

On the left-hand side, you’ll see “Audio Library”, click on this option and select a few songs that fit with your Niche.

Now Go into Your Vegas Video Editor and simply add the sound to your videos.

After rendering is completed you can start Uploading it to YouTube!

Step 4: Conclusion

Upload at least twice a week for maximum results and in no time you will have your Channel Monetized and you’ll be making passive income with minimal work!

You can find a list of the best Hashtags for the “Luxury” Niche Here!

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