The Power of Routine

The importance of a morning routine

A structured morning routine: the golden ticket to success

If there’s one thing that took me years to master, it’s getting up early!

I get it, we’re not all bundles of sunshine when we rise in the morning.  Some of us just snooze our alarms at least ten times, and some of us just ignore it completely! If you’ve done one of these things, there’s no need to feel alone, because I can assure you that 99% of people reading this post are guilty.

The truth though is that your morning routine determines how the rest of your day is going to go down.  Having a well-structured morning routine can give you a head start on the day.

Let me share my 5 tips on building a successful morning routine:

#5 Rise early

Did you know that the most successful people, including Dwayne Johnson and Bill Gates, all rise early?  I’m talking here at around 5 am.

Now, I know some of you are already yawning just by reading that, but the truth is, is that there are a whole bunch of benefits of rising this early.  Firstly, it wakes up the whole brain and nervous system more efficiently.  By rising early, your body is kick-started and wired to tackle anything you have planned for that day.

Another thing to consider is that if you rise at 5 am, it provides you with at least an hour of peace and quiet before the hustle and bustle of the modern world starts kicking in.  It gives you ample time to plan the day, which leads me to my next point…

#4 Plan every day in when you wake up

It may sound cliché, but I to-do list is the best way to plan your day.

Having a to-do list every day will help you to prioritize the tasks that you need to complete and will prevent you from getting distractions by all of life’s daily temptations.  I recommend writing down a to-do list for the day as soon as you wake up.

#3 Exercise for 20 minutes

It’s a proven fact that exercise helps the body to circulate blood flow throughout the entire body.

Exercising for at least 20 minutes (after you’ve risen early of course), released dopamine in the brain, which lets you experience joy and a proper energy surge to start the day.  The type of exercise that you do all depends on your preferences.  I recommend a casual stroll around the block.  Not only will this make you feel more energized, but it will allow you to mentally plan the day.

#2 Absorb knowledge

Reading is one of the most underrated methods for success out there.

The fact of the matter is, reading exposed you to knowledge and it also stimulates brain activity.  Reading as part of your morning routine can help you to breed new ideas, kick-start your thought process for the day, and even give you new ideas for a project you’re currently working on.

I recommend reading things like scientific journal articles and self-improvement books.  Who knows, you might just read something that lays the foundation for your next incredible project!

#1 Form a habit

The ultimate key to a successful morning routine is being able to form the habit of continuously repeating tips 5 to 2 above.  You see, studies have shown that it takes the average person about 66 days to learn a new habit.

Ultimately, you have to commit to a morning routine a soon as you start one.  This means that you can’t rise early for a week, and then suddenly sleep until noon the next week.  Consistency is key in learning a new habit.  Commit to your morning routine, and stick with it.

Your future self will thank you!

Final Thoughts

Although the tips I gave you may sound simple, they are extremely effective in boosting your overall levels of energy, discipline, and productivity.

Developing a well-structured morning routine helps you to keep a cool head in the crazy world we live in.  It gives you a sense of purpose every day and will ultimately help you to become a more disciplined person, not only in your personal life but also in your professional life.

Start by rising an hour earlier than you normally would allow your body to adjust, until you manage to rise at 5 am every day.  Eventually, your body will learn to automatically wake up at that time.

The key is to stay committed and remain patient, and soon enough you’ll be thanking yourself for making this simple change to your lifestyle!

What’s next?

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Estian Roodt

Driven by dreams, living by high expectations.  I believe in hard work and dedication above everything else.  Average is not in my vocabulary.

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