Top 10 Sites that will pay you to test Websites

Top 10 Sites that will pay you to test Websites

Your duty as a Website Tester is to ensure that websites are simple to navigate. As a website owner, it’s a constant challenge for me to ensure that my guests can find the information they need.  Below I will list the Top 10 Websites that will pay you to test Websites

1. User Testing

User Testing

For every 20 minutes of work, you’ll be paid $10 (up to $60 per test). Send your email address and complete your application online to become a website tester. Before getting any assignments, aspiring testers must take a practice exam. This gig is available to citizens of the United States and other countries that can accept PayPal payments. Each test takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.

2. Respondent


Respondent is a forum for conducting research studies such as polls, focus groups, and website testing. Create an account with your email address, Facebook, or LinkedIn account to get started. After that, fill in your contact details, demographics, and job status. After that, you should start looking for projects and applying for the ones that sound interesting to you. There was one website research gig that paid $40 for 20 minutes and another that paid $100 for 60 minutes at the time of writing this report. You’ll need to log in to Respondent and check the status of pending projects. For a complete overview of Respondent, go here.

3. Userbrain


At Userbrain, you can earn money by speaking your thoughts while completing a set of tasks. Each project will take 5-15 minutes to complete, and you will be paying $3 per test via PayPal. Payments are made on a weekly basis.

4. Testing Time


Earn up to € 50 for each study you complete. Each research takes 30-90 minutes and is performed via Skype. You’ll be charged via PayPal within 5-10 days after the study is done. Testing Time is available to everyone in the world with an internet connection and Skype enabled on their device.

5. TryMyUI


For 15-20 minutes of your time, you will earn $10. To join the TryMyUI team, you must first create an account. After that, you must take and pass a certification exam. The certification test is a practice test that demonstrates that you are familiar with the procedure and criteria. You’ll be emailed test opportunities once you’ve qualified. Payments are made via PayPal every two weeks.

6. Userfeel

User Feel

You’ll be paid $10 for sharing your opinions on different websites. To become a website tester, create an account and complete a practice test. After your sample has been accepted, you will begin receiving assignments via email. Payments are made at the end of each week via PayPal, and tests take about 10-20 minutes each.

7. Userlytics


Earn money by offering reviews on blogs, games, designs, and ideas, among other things. To apply, create an account and then wait for an invitation to complete a task. You’ll be charged by PayPal between $5 and $90 once you’ve completed your mission, depending on the nature of the project you worked on.

8. IntelliZoom


IntelliZoom is a website usability testing company that works on both desktop and mobile devices. Easy surveys pay $2, and video submissions pay $10. The majority of the experiments take 10-20 minutes to complete, and payments are made via PayPal 21 business days after the study ends.

9. Validately


Validately employs testers to carry out smartphone and website testing for businesses. Payments differ depending on the nature of the analysis, but certain studies pay up to $100, according to their website. Within seven business days of the examination, payments are made through PayPal.

10. uTest


For quality assurance testing of different software and hardware, uTest employs independent contractors. Customers include Google, Amazon, Netflix, and others, according to their work postings on Dice. To get started, fill out their online application (it takes about 10 minutes), take an audition test to demonstrate your technical abilities, and then wait for assignments to be emailed to you. I couldn’t figure out how much testers are charged, but according to a work posting on, “we paid out over $20 million to QA testers worldwide in 2016 alone.”

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