Top 5 e-commerce sites

Top 5 e-commerce sites

Top 5 e-commerce sites you should try out!

Thousands of people are falling ill and dying every day, and the world as we know it is currently in the midst of a global pandemic.

This has spawned a significant boom in the world of e-commerce, as an increasing number of individuals are turning to online marketplaces to find the basics and luxuries they require, rather than visiting stores and risking contracting diseases. Covid-19.

You can buy things online and have them delivered right to your door via an e-commerce platform. Some of these marketplaces also provide frequent discounts on specific commodities, attracting a growing number of customers from all over the world!

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Now, let me introduce you to the top 5 e-commerce sites in the world:

#5 eBay

This American Multi-National Company (MNC).  Their websites facilities customer-to-customer, or business-to-customers sales.  Since 2019, eBay has been operating in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The company hosts auctions on its website, selling the desired item to the highest bidder.  What makes this so attractive is that many items are often auctioned off at very affordable prices.  Their websites also facilitate catalogs of many different items up for sale.

Buyers can use the website for free.  Sellers though are charged fees after they used up a certain number of free listing opportunities.  Buyers are given a wide variety of search options, including ISBN, SKU number, and online classified advertisements.

#4 Costco 

This American multinational corporation is the world’s fifth-biggest retailer overall and the world’s largest retailer of organic foods as of 2020.

Costco has a one-of-a-kind requirement: you must have a membership to shop there. Rather of purchasing online, the company encourages customers to visit one of their warehouses to make purchases. Costco’s internet purchasing segment, on the other hand, has grown faster since the outbreak than it did in the preceding two years combined.

The company makes an effort to maintain its prices as low as possible. They have a policy that no item sold by them can be marked up more than 14% above its cost price. To join Costco, go to

#3 Best Buy

This huge e-commerce company, based in Minnesota, focuses on selling electronics and appliances, such as car radios, TVs, mobile phones, cameras, and a variety of other things.

Under the “Geek Squad” name, the company provides in-store computer repairs and accidental service contracts. Best Buy also features an online forum where members and customers can share their product-related experiences.

Additionally, Best Buy stores offer a computer-based kiosk service that allows customers to quickly peruse the products available in that location. This saves the customer the time and effort of racing through countless aisles to find what they’re looking for.

#2 Target

This massive American retailer operates over 40 distribution centers around the country.

Although Target encourages customers to make the majority of their purchases in-store, the company’s online platform,, is equally well-liked by its customers.

The company claims to be attempting to attract more customers by selling more high-end, high-quality items at lower-than-average pricing. They’ve invested so much in this idea that in 2008, they spent 66 percent of their advertising budget on adverts that highlight their great value-for-money strategy.

The company itself has gained considerable popularity overall, as they are America’s largest cash donator, having donated a whopping 2.1% of its income to charity in 2005.  Target also actively gives back to the communities in which it operates by donating around 2 million every week. 

#1 Amazon

The corporation, founded in the United States, is now the world’s largest online marketplace and most valuable brand.

Electronics, appliances, sporting goods, jewelry, garden items, and toys are just a handful of the items sold by the company. For some of its products, it provides selective international shipping options. In the midst of the global pandemic, Amazon began selling prescription medications at up to 80% off for subscribers. 

Amazon’s business-to-business partnerships allowed it to develop greatly by facilitating stable and reliable commercial deals with its suppliers. The company eventually moved on to establish an online transaction platform based on customer-to-customer connections. This means that people can use Amazon’s platform to market their items.

Amazon is so dominating in the e-commerce space that it rents out internet space to other online merchants. Smaller retailers pay a charge to sell their products on Amazon’s platform, providing the firm with another stream of revenue while also allowing them to reach a larger customer base.  People can even sign up to become independent delivery assistants via Amazon Flex, without having to wear those cringy uniforms!

Overall, there is no beating this titan of the e-commerce game.  To give you some perspective on its true size, I’d like to inform you that during 2018 alone, Amazon recorded annual revenue of about $230 billion.  Just INSANE!

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it: e-commerce is a constantly expanding cosmos.

People are increasingly recognizing the benefits of online markets in terms of saving time, effort, and money. As we combat a worldwide pandemic, e-commerce provides a much-needed lifeline for many people in terms of getting the supplies they need.

Online retail services are beginning to compete with traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Given the global chaos, I feel that the future is digital and that each of us will eventually need to convert totally to online buying. Take your shopping experience online and stay safe!

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