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Ultimate NordVPN Review

NordVPN: Trusted, efficient, and effective

The digital and electronic rat race appears to be never-ending in today’s world. With networks constantly clogged with millions upon millions of daily users, we’re all anxious about our safety on the internet’s mainly uncharted territory.

However, there have been some brilliant advancements that have helped to keep us safe in the digital age. VPN is one of these advancements.

‘’Virtual private network” is the abbreviation for ‘’virtual private network.” It allows a private network to be extended across a shared or public network. As if they were physically connected to the private network, this allows two private networks to communicate data via a public network. In terms of security, this is quite advantageous. It also enables access to resources that aren’t accessible over the public internet.

Although VPNs may not succeed in entirely encrypting connections, they do contribute significantly to better security because encryption is a popular technique in the VPN armory.

Today, I’ll show you how to use NordVPN, which is one of the most popular VPNs on the market.

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Enough with the marketing. Let’s dig a little more into NordVPN:

What is NordVPN’s best features?

NordVPN is in every way a very comprehensive VPN.  Some of the key features include the following:

1) No-logs policy – This means that the information you provide to Nord is not stored or logged in any way, ensuring your privacy.

2) Fast connection – With the use of Bypass ISP throttling, Nord ensures completely uninterrupted streaming!

3) Obfuscated servers – A feature that allows you to hide the fact that you’re making use of a VPN in the first place.  This further minimizes those chances of your identity being compromised.

4) Multi-factor authentication – This adds an extra layer of security to your account using a specialized, time-sensitive password.

5) Dedicated IP – This is an internet protocol address that can be used ONLY by you, which makes it less likely for websites to blacklist you.

These are only a handful of the features that NordVPN offers its users.  Other features also include Double Protection, IP masking, DNS leak tests, and Malware blockers. As you can see, NordVPN truly goes the extra mile in terms of the security and privacy of its customers.

What about pricing?

NordVPN is currently offering these three pricing plans:

1) 1-year plan = $4.92 per month

2) 1-month plan = $11.95 per month

3) 2-year plan = $3.67 per month

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In terms of pricing, I believe NordVPN provides the most flexibility for the money. You get a ton of great features at a great price, which is why we encourage all of our readers to take advantage of the current offer; it will undoubtedly be the best deal of the year, and you won’t find it anywhere else but here at the Billionaire Blog because we go above and beyond for our readers!

What platforms does NordVPN support

I’m happy to report that NordVon is compatible with all major platforms and operating systems!

This includes devices that run on macOS, Android, Windows, and iOS. NordVPN also provides the benefit of allowing customers to protect up to 6 devices simultaneously without the need for different subscriptions! You can also use NordVPN to set up a wireless router, allowing each of your devices to connect to the internet over a secure, encrypted connection.

Is there a special offer if I’m a business owner?

If you’re a business owner seeking for a single membership to safeguard all of your employees, look no further.

With NordVPN’s business plans, you can manage all of your team members’ accounts from the convenience of your own device, thanks to a centralized, easy-to-use control panel. Furthermore, because NordVPN uses a centralized payment method that handles all of the arithmetic for you, you won’t have to worry about the increased costs of adding more users.

NordVPN currently offers these 3 business plans:

1) Basic — $7.00 per user per month or $84.00 if you prefer to be billed annually.

2) Advanced — $9.00 per user per month or 108.00 if you prefer to be billed annually

3) Enterprise – This plan offers you your own, self-managed cyber-security platform.  If you are interested in this plan, you’ll need t contact NordVPN for billing terms. 

Please note that all of these plans include all of the fundamental features you need to stay safe online, including an internet kill switch, control panel, two-factor authentication, Auto-connect, and 24/7 customer support.

Why should I choose NordVPN?

When it comes to value for money, NordVPN is at the top of the food chain.

Over the last two years, my experience using NordVPN has been near-flawless. I’ve had no trouble connecting to servers because NordVPN has 5258 servers in 59 countries. As a result, you should only expect connectivity problems on EXTREMELY RARE instances.

The sheer speed of my connection is what I like best about NordVPN. Streaming online content is one of my favorite pastimes, especially on those days when you just want to be a lazy slob! Thanks to NordVPN, I’ve only ever enjoyed the fastest, highest-quality streaming in recent years.

When I had unexpected technical troubles, NordVPN’s specialists were always there for me, and they always managed to solve the problems quickly and without any unnecessary hassles or terms and conditions.

Guys and gals, look no farther than NordVPN for the most comprehensive, efficient, effective, and greatest value-for-money VPN, and take advantage of the limited-time deal!

What’s next?

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