What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing and how to start?

Hi guys, today I will explain exactly what Affiliate Marketing is and how the Affiliate Industry works.

Affiliate marketing can be a very confusing topic to some people, so I’m going to try to break things down in a way that “everyday people” can understand.

So let’s get straight into it!

The first thing you want to know about Affiliate Marketing is that it is commission-based marketing.  This means that as an Affiliate Marketer you make a commission on each sale you make online, this is very similar to your normal door-to-door salesman, with the main difference being you are not limited to one company as most salesman these days are.

In Affiliate marketing, you have a company, a customer, and an Affiliate.

For example, Microsoft has a new version of windows that they want to sell,  You sign up as an Affiliate for their program and sell their latest version of windows. Each time a customer buys the latest version of windows from your Affiliate link you will get a certain percentage of commission.

How to Get Started With Affiliate Marketing?

The first step of Affiliate Marketing is joining an Affiliate Network.  This is where you find products to sell and get a commission from.

The second step is to find a product on this Affiliate Network that you can sell on the internet, this product needs to be something you are passionate about otherwise you will never enjoy being an Affiliate Marketer!

The third step in Affiliate marketing is selling the product.

That’s all there is to Affiliate Marketing.

I will now give you the top 10 Affiliate Networks below that you can join to start your journey.

  1. ShareASale
  2. Awin
  3. Amazon Associates
  4. CJ Affiliate
  5. Rakuten Marketing
  6. Avangate Affiliate Network
  7. Clickbank
  8. FlexOffers
  9. eBay Partner Network
  10. Digistore24

Now you know the basics of affiliate marketing!

What’s next?

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