What is the best VPN

What is the best VPN?

The digital and electronic rat race appears to be never-ending in today’s world. With networks constantly clogged with millions upon millions of daily users, we’re all anxious about our safety on the internet’s mainly uncharted territory.

However, there have been some brilliant advancements that have helped to keep us safe in the digital age. VPN is one of these advancements.

What is a VPN?

‘’Vpn” is the abbreviation for ‘’virtual private network.” It allows a private network to be extended across a shared or public network. As if they were physically connected to the private network, this allows two private networks to communicate data via a public network. In terms of security, this is quite advantageous. It also enables access to resources that aren’t accessible over the public internet.

Although VPNs may not succeed in entirely encrypting connections, they do contribute significantly to better security because encryption is a popular technique in the VPN armory.

What is the Best VPN?

3 commonly used VPNs worldwide are NordVPN, ExpressVPN , and CyberGhost.  When it comes to ultimate security on public Wi-Fi networks, NordVPN should be your go-to.  Not only does it offer excellent privacy features, but it supports a multitude of platforms, including Linux, iOS, Android, Android Tv, Firefox, and Chrome.   NordVPN allows you to protect a maximum of 6 devices, which makes it exceptionally versatile.

NordVPN vs CyberGhost

When compared with CyberGhost, NordVPN simply edges it out.  For example, both VPNs are excellent for downloading torrents and both are FAST.  The difference, though, lies within the interface.  NordVPN functions better on Windows, as its interface offers countless features, especially when you’re someone who likes a manual setup.  CyberGhost offers only limited options when considering a manual setup. 

The same story goes for Android.  Although both VPNs offer unique interfaces on the platform, with excellent encryption and unblocking features, NordVPN’s overall performance on Android is quite simply, unmatched.

NordVPN vs Express VPN

Another feared opponent of NordVPN, comes in the form of ExpressVPN .  Again, both offer good privacy and security services.  However, NordVPN does succeed in defeating its competitor.  When download speeds are compared, NordVPN wins hands down.  Due to its large abundance of servers worldwide, download speeds are up to a whopping 300Mps, as observed throughout most of the United States. 

When it comes to mobile compatibility, NordVPN offers an interesting user interface, offering a Kill Switch option and an option to select a specific server.  ExpressVPN ’s app is somewhat underdeveloped in my opinion.  It offers limited features, and, unlike NordVPN, does not offer a Kill Switch option. 

Device capacity also differs between the two.  Where Nord allows you to secure and protect up to six devices, ExpressVPN  only allows for three devices.  A bit strange actually, since NordVPN is somewhat cheaper than Express.  NordVPN also goes as far as offering a browser plugin!


Simply put, all three VPNs are good, offering good speeds, tight security features, and a multitude of servers for you to choose from.  But when it comes to versatility, practicality, and affordability, NordVPN is the king of kings and you’ll regret not giving it a shot as soon as possible.

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