Wondershare Review

Wondershare Review

Wondershare: Your new best friend

If you’re in the business of creating spectacular online content, listen up!

Wondershare offers you the most incredible editing software, more incredible than you ever thought possible.  They offer 3 different types of software, including creativity tools, productivity tools, and even data-protection tools.

The company has 6 main offices, located in Japan, China, and Canada, with more than 1200 employees worldwide.  According to Wondershare CEO, Tobee Wu, the company’s goal is to become the world’s leading software provider when it comes to editing and improving online content like videos and pictures.  Deeply immersed in Chinese culture the company wants you, as a normal citizen, to be able to share every valuable experience of your life with just one click.

What types of software do they offer?

Like I mentioned previously, they categorize their software solutions as follows:

  • Creativity tools
  • Productivity tools
  • Data-protection tools

Let’s scope at each one in a bit more detail:

1) Creativity tools – This group consists mainly of video editing, photo editing, and graphic design tools.  It also offers video-editing courses for those looking to improve their content on platforms, like YouTube. 

2) Productivity tools – This group offers you solutions that are sure to boost your overall productivity when it comes to your occupation, including diagramming tools, PDF management tools, and custom template solutions that are versatile and suit almost any scenario. 

3) Data-protection tools – Pretty self-explanatory.  This group of software solutions consists of data management and protection tools, like data-recoverees, mobile management tools data-transfer technology.

Do they have a proper support system in place?

Only the best!

When you first visit their website, you’ll notice a chat-popup window on the right side of your screen.  I decided to try this out with a question or 2 regarding a product I was unsure of.  Low and behold, I got a very descriptive and helpful response within a matter of a few minutes.

The support section also offers quick links that you can follow if you want to:

  • Cancel your subscription
  • Request an invoice based on your order records
  • Retrieve the registration code for a product you’ve purchased

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the support mechanisms they have in place.  They’re not like other sites where you have to wait for ages for a simple query to be answered.  Overall, convenient and extremely helpful!

Can you become part of Wondershare?

If you’re a seasoned, enthusiastic content creator, or simply someone looking to start your journey and to learn more about creating amazing content, Wondershare offers you an opportunity to become part of their team. 

If you’re looking enough to be appointed at Wondershare, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Paid time off
  • Flexible working hours and environments
  • Travel opportunities
  • Being part of company events
  • Competitive compensation rates
  • Personal spending allowance

Overall Impression

In my opinion, Wondershare is one of the best providers of software solutions when it comes to content creation and data management.  They offer a great variety of products that are sure to suit each unique scenario, combined with an easy-to-use online interface.  Head on over to their site to experience the wonder of Wondershare!

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